PAGE pics from 3.8.07 — Montero, Sharpe, Wilde


a generously patient audience
A patient audience

Sarah Bauhan, Henry James, Robert James
Publisher Sarah Bauhan, Henry James, and Robert James


Mayra Montero reading  Mayra Montero
Mayra Montero reads from Dancing to “Almendra”:

On the same day Umberto Anastasia was killed in New York, a hippopotamus escaped from the zoo in Havana. I can explain the connection. No one else, only me, and the individual who looked after the lions. His name was Juan Bulgado, but he preferred to be called Johnny: Johnny Angel or Johnny Lamb, depending on his mood. In addition to feeding the animals, he was in charge of the slaughter pen, that foul-smelling corner where they killed the beasts that were fed to the carnivores. A long chain of blood. That’s what the zoo is. And, very often, life.


Matthew Sharpe and Richard Nash  Matthew Sharpe reading
Matthew Sharpe gives Richard Nash,
Soft Skull Press publisher, a hug and a present.
Then he reads from Jamestown:


To whoever is out there, if anyone is out there:

Today has been an awful day in a run of awful days as long as life so far. The thirty of us climbed aboard this bus in haste, fled down the tunnel, and came up on the river’s far bank in time to see the Chrysler Building plunge into the earth. The grieving faces of my colleagues being worse to look at than that crumpling shaft of glass, brick, and steel, I used my knees to plug the sockets of my eyes, put my fingers in my ears, and clamped my nose and mouth shut with my thighs. All main entries to my head remained sealed till Delaware, where I looked up in time to see John Martin vault his seatback, steak knife aimed at George Kendall’s throat. Kendall, bread knife aimed at Martin’s throat, said, “How dare you say that!”


James Wilde
James Wilde reads from Crocodile Shoes:

“Crocodile Shoes”

The night is filled
With crocodile feet
Scruffling across the room
In hot buttered shoes
And toothsome red socks
A jolly feast for two
Its little eyes do plead
With me for lemon marmalade
And kidney stew
Oh crocodile, oh crocodile
I love your bumply suit
So I will feed you
Little naughty boys
With sugar plums
And frosty girly soup



Lisa Silverman, Annie Wedekind, Ben Wieder
The team at FSG who worked on
Mayra Montero’s Dancing to “Almendra”:
Lisa Silverman, production editor,
Annie Wedekind, editor,
and Ben Wieder, sales associate, all pose for a picture,
while Kathy Daneman, publicity manager
(not pictured here, apologies),
works her magic around the room.

Matthew Sharpe and James Wilde
Matthew Sharpe and James Wilde

John Donohue, Lynne Tillman, and Richard Nash
John Donohue, Lynne Tillman, and Richard Nash

Oh, Ken
Ken Levinson and a reader

Richard Nash and Matthew Sharpe
Richard Nash and Matthew Sharpe

Lynne Tillman and Matthew Sharpe
Lynne Tillman and Matthew Sharpe

James Wilde and part of his entourage  James Wilde’s entourage
A Wilde entourage

Henry James, Sarah Bauhan, Robert James
Henry James, Sarah Bauhan, and Robert James

books for sale
Books for sale

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