PAGE pics from 6.14.07 — Lee, Muñoz, and Viramontes


a lovely evening
The evening begins

Manuel Muñoz and Helena Mará Viramontes
Muñoz and Viramontes relax

a gentleman
A gentleman toasts

chatting and waiting
Chatting and waiting . . .

. . . waiting and chatting

*  *  *


wmc introduces the readers
Wah-Ming Chang

*  *  *


Min Jin Lee reads from Free Food for Millionaires

karyn was ignoring casey completely. Casey wondered if she should excuse herself so they could be alone. Poor Karyn was falling for Hugh the way virtually every naive woman fell for Hugh. On Wall Street, the women might have been savvy about profits and losses, but when it came to boys, they knew as much as middle school girls. It wasn’t just that he was handsome and tall and physically fit. He was incredibly attentive—the way he looked at you was exceptional. His focus was absolute. Casey thought it was despicable how he toyed with women. That kind of attention was addictive, and the need would inevitably grow bottomless if you let yourself get hooked. Casey wanted to punish him sometimes, and consequently, she was far meaner to him than he deserved.


Manuel Muñoz reads “Lindo y Querido”
from The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue

people knew that road, that intersection, how often it happens. They recognized it when the newspaper ran a picture from the scene, the motorcycle on the road and a policeman writing something on a notepad. It had been the kind of accident that happens only in fog. But this had been in broad daylight, summertime, the boys coming back from Fresno or wherever they had gone to, and neither of them wearing helmets. At least Isidro made it, people said when they saw it in the papers. The other boy, one of the triplets from over on Gold Street, died right there on the road.


Viramontes reads from THEIR DOGS CAME WITH THEM
Helena María Viramontes reads from
Their Dogs Came with Them

the countless transactions carved a trail on the countertop; countless exchanges, from penny purchases to countless credit line stories, had grooved the wood. Turtle pointed to the box of Big Hunks inside the glass case and Ray grabbed the candy bar and slid it across the counter to Turtle and then Turtle slid the quarter with one stiff filthy thumb toward the owner. Not wanting to open the cash register, Ray simply pulled out fifteen cents in change from his pocket and slid the coins back to Turtle. A fast, suspicious and distant exchange played out on the worn groove of the counter. The humming of the refrigerator halted abruptly, leaving an oppressive silence. Turtle ripped the paper and bit into the candy with such a desire, Ray realized he had not witnessed such hunger, though he had lived too long a life to deny its existence outside of the store’s double doors.

*  *  *


Muñoz; a gentleman; and Viramontes
Muñoz; a gentleman; Viramontes

Lee signs a book
Lee signs a book

an admirer holds Muñoz’s attention
An admirer holds Muñoz’s attention

Lee and Suji Kwok Kim
Lee talks to poet Suji Kwock Kim

Muñoz and admirer
Muñoz and admirer

an admirer listens to Viramontes
An admirer listens to Viramontes

Stuart Bernstein and Manuel Muñoz
Stuart Bernstein, agent extraordinaire,
and Manuel Muñoz


books for sale
Books for sale

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